Sweets…Sweets…Sweets!: Sid the Kindest Kid


Sydney is a kind little boy who loves sweets. What should he do? Should he share his sweets when his friend’s sweets fall to the floor?

Will he share?

This story about sharing, as an act of kindness is a fun and thought provoking picture book.


The first book, in the Sid the Kindest Kid series is a story about kindness.

Sweets, Sweets, Sweets is all about sharing. When children are young they have to be taught to share. Sometimes it can be a difficult journey but it will be a big benefit to them in the future. Being conscious of their own feelings and then feelings of others can be such a big step.

Will Sidney be able to share his SWEETS which he saved all week to purchase?

Go ahead this book is fun and kind. Your little one will LOVE it!

Age range: 3-7yrs

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